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Our Intellectual Property (IP) practice group offers a wide range of services in IP and advises on various types of IP rights including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, confidential information, proprietary information and geographical indication. We understand IP is one of our client’s valuable assets and we assist clients to establish, maintain, protect and leverage their IP rights through registration, licensing and commercialization.

The services provided by our IP practice group include:

  • providing advice on IP protection brand management and enforcement issues;
  • copyright voluntary notification;
  • registration and prosecution of trademark applications including responding to first office actions, handling opposition proceedings and MYIPO hearings;
  • recording of assignments, advising and drafting of franchising, licensing and commercial agreements to effectively protect and maximise the value of IP;
  • enforcing IP rights including filing complaints on infringing activities with government authorities and participating in raids conducted by them;
  • handling expungement, cancellation or invalidation proceedings in court;
  • handling trademark and copyright infringement suits in courts including obtaining injunctions and summary judgments;
  • handling breach of confidence suits in courts including obtaining injunctions (Anton Piller orders) and handling trials;
  • handling and advising on franchising disputes;
  • provide strategic guidance to our clients to build, manage, protect and commercialise their IP rights.