Justice Bao

As one enters the reception area of Chooi & Company, the eye is drawn to an impressive painting of Justice Bao Zheng, popularly known as Bao Gong. Justice Bao was a man of integrity renowned across the kingdom for his intolerance towards injustice and corruption.

This painting by the artist Chung Cheng San entitled A mirror into the conscience of officials was dedicated to the founding partner of Chooi & Company, Chooi Mun Sou.

The painting serves as a reminder to all those who practice law at Chooi & Company that lawyers have the ability, and therefore the responsibility, to serve society through the law.

AD 999 – AD 1062

A native of Anhui Province, and born in the period of China’s Northern Song Dynasty, Bao Zheng was awarded the degree of Jinshi at the age of 28, after successfully passing the Imperial Examinations at national level. He was thereafter appointed the magistrate of Tianchang County, governor of Luzhou and Kaifeng, and held several other official appointments.

Bao Zheng, popularly known as Justice Bao, was renowned for his integrity and incorruptibility. Not once in his entire judicial career did he yield to power or influence, and without fear or favour meted out severe punishment to those found guilty of crimes, even members of the Royal Family. In chinese literature, Justice Bao has come to symbolise the virtues of fairness, independence and impartiality. 

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Chooi & Company - Advocates & Solicitors

We are a mid-sized commercial law firm operating out of offices in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and offering a wide range of commercial legal services.

Our principal areas of practice are dispute resolution, and corporate and financial services. Our partners specialise in diverse areas of law including land law, company and securities law and regulations, commercial laws, fraud, employment and immigration, shipping, wealth management, family and probate.

Chooi & Company was first established on 1 December 1962, almost a year before the formation of Malaysia. Our practice and our collective experience over more than six decades has intersected with the major social, political and economic developments which have shaped our country.

Central to our ethos is integrity, professionalism, excellence, and the use of our legal skills to meaningfully contribute to society. Rooted in that strong foundation, our people have also continuously embraced change and evolved over the years to effectively serve our clients in a constantly shifting and increasingly complex legal landscape.

Our lawyers are consistently ranked highly and recognised in industry publications. More important to us however are the many international, local, institutional and individual clients who have been with us over many decades and placed their trust in us as their legal advisors.

Years of Experience
Years of Experience

Our Core Values

At CHOOI & COMPANY, we are guided by a set of core values that define who we are as a firm and how we operate. These values are the foundation of our commitment to our clients and our community

Conducting ourselves honourably and ethically, with honesty and respect towards everyone, and upholding the highest traditions of the legal profession.


Giving independent, objective and practical advice without compromising our key values.


Ensuring knowledge of developments in the law and beyond, constantly striving to improve our skills, and delivering service as expected of skilled lawyers.


Using our legal skills and giving our time pro bono to serve the profession and the community, and to advance justice and the rule of law in Malaysia.

Our core values are more than just words on a page – they are the guiding principles that shape everything we do. We are committed to upholding these values in all of our interactions and decisions, and we believe they are key to our success as lawyers and as a law firm.

Our Vision

To build, lead, serve and be the difference.