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Our Employment & Immigration practice group regularly advises on various employment issues ranging from standard employment policies to delicate human resource issues. Our role often includes:

Assisting with drafting and reviewing contracts, handbooks, company policies and employee incentive schemes. We also advise on employee terms and conditions of employment, employee benefit and incentive schemes and plans for private and public listed companies.

Advising on all disciplining aspects (including termination) of employees. We also advise on termination and separation schemes and post termination obligations such as confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation matters.

Appearing for employer and employee in the Industrial Court, the Labour Court and the civil courts to represent clients in negotiations and legal proceedings related to employees such as in unjust dismissal claims, labour court claims and trade union disputes.

Advising on compliance with employment regulatory requirements including compliance with related laws such as social security, whistleblowing, privacy, anti-bribery and health & safety laws.

Participating in legal due diligence to provide expert advice on employment aspects of corporate exercises including mergers and acquisitions and business reorganisation. We also advise on employment issues arising from business restructurings and redundancies.

We assist with internal investigations of workplace wrongdoings including fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest and breaches of duty involving employees, often working with forensic investigators.

Assisting with relocation of employees and hiring of expatriates including assistance with obtaining work permits.

We also advise on union, workplace health & safety, employee data protection and employee tax matters.