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Employment & Immigration | Personal Data Protection | Dispute Resolution

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Kenson specialises in employment and industrial relations law. He regularly handles matters relating to employment contracts, employee benefits and compensation, dismissal or retrenchment and the employment aspects of mergers & acquisitions and restructuring exercises. Additionally, he also advises on anti-bribery compliance, personal data protection, trade unions, occupational safety and health, as well as work passes and immigration related matters.


Kenson’s experience encompasses a spectrum of legal matters, from advising individuals to multinational corporations. In terms of dispute resolution, he regularly represents clients in employment disputes across various tribunals and courts, ranging from the labour courts to the civil courts. He also has experience in advising and representing both individuals and corporations in complex employment disputes involving senior executives and significant financial implications.

Overall, his experience includes:

  • Acting for clients in unfair dismissal claims and other employment-related disputes;
  • Conducting comprehensive reviews of employment agreements for multinational and local companies across diverse industries, ensuring legal compliance and mitigating risks;
  • Advising clients on management of probationers, fixed term employees and post-retirement contracts;
  • Crafting and reviewing employee handbooks and workplace policies to be aligned with current labour laws and practices;
  • Providing strategic guidance to organisations undergoing mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring exercises in relation to employment matters to protect stakeholders’ interests;
  • Assisting with workplace investigations and mutual separation;
  • Facilitating immigration processes for multinational companies, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and securing work passes for expatriates;
  • Providing training on employment laws or companies’ policies for client companies and employees;
  • Developing robust anti-bribery compliance frameworks for companies in various industries; and
  • Advising on personal data protection matters and assisting clients in developing policies and procedures on handling personal data with compliance to regulatory standards.

Kenson was also a committee member of the Malaysian Bar’s Industrial and Employment Law Committee.

His recent articles on employment topics include:

  1. “Unveiling Probationary Employment: Insights From A Malaysian Legal Perspective”; and
  2. “ 1955年《雇佣法令》之重要修订内容” (“Significant Amendments to Employment Act 1955” in Chinese language).


Kenson graduated with Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Malaya in 2016. He has been admitted as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya since 2017.