Practice Areas

Employment and Immigration

Our team assists with drafting and reviewing of contracts, handbooks, company policies and employee incentive schemes. We also participate in legal due diligence to provide expert advice on employment aspects of corporate exercises including mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, members of our team assist with internal investigations of fraud, conflicts of interest and breaches of duty involving employees, often working with forensic investigators.

We regularly appear in the Industrial Court, the Labour Court and the civil courts to represent clients in negotiations and disputes related to unjust dismissal claims, trade union disputes and the abovementioned employment issues.

We also have extensive experience in advising on the various aspects of immigration laws and policies and these include applications for work permits and passes and how to deal with overstay situations. We have assisted with filings of applications for work permits and passes. We have represented individuals in arrest and detention situations where we have appeared before immigration authorities, the police and the Court to facilitate release of the individual accused of committing an immigration offence. We also have access to immigration detention depots/centres around the country. Our clients include individuals (including foreign spouses, foreign students) as well as companies whose employees were accused of committing immigration offences.

Our Employment & Immigration department regularly advises on various employment issues including on:

  • Employee terms & conditions of employment
  • Employee benefit and incentive schemes and plans
  • Restructuring and redundancy
  • Discipline, termination and separation scheme
  • Health and safety
  • Union related matters
  • Employee data protection
  • Post termination obligations such as confidentiality and non-competition and non-solicitation matters
  • Compliance issues such as labour law requirements and corporate compliance measures such as whistleblowing and anti-bribery polices
  • Non-employee issues such as contractor arrangement

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