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Pupillage is a nine-month rite of passage, during which law graduates go through the process of becoming full-fledged advocates and solicitors of the High Court of Malaya. This is where your real training starts. Throughout the process, you will learn what it takes to put theory into practice, and begin to understand what it means to be an advocate and solicitor.

We take the training of our pupils very seriously and believe you get what you put into your pupillage. At Chooi & Co., we prefer a more flexible approach, and assess each individual on his or her own merits. If a pupil shows particular aptitude and inclination for a particular area of law, then he or she will be encouraged to develop such interest. This enables pupils to try out different practice areas simultaneously, and continue with matters from inception to completion, something which is lacking in more inflexible programmes. Pupils also have the opportunity to shadow and assist partners and associates on real trials and hearings.

Our training programmes also emphasise learning good practice management, from account rules to proper file maintenance to legally-oriented training in Microsoft Office. You will also be exposed to concepts such as document management, time-keeping, and teamwork.

Not qualified to read in chambers yet?

We offer unpaid attachment programmes of between one week to two months, so that you can experience a taste of what life as a practicing lawyer is really like.

Attachment students will have the opportunity to attend trials and hearings, conduct research, and subject to agreement from clients, shadow lawyers on ongoing matters. Attachment students also have the opportunity to attend the same inhouse seminars and workshops attended by pupils and associates.

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